boardingThe Harbor City Boarding Kennel was begun, in part, as a hobby and also as a way to support a Golden Retriever breeding program. Owner/operator Jo Ann Fairbanks lives on the premises, and is passionate about the high level of care provided to her boarders. We have two buildings with in-floor heat and air conditioning that house the kennels. Large exercise yards with agility equipment surround the buildings where our guests are allowed to play and socialize. We exercise dogs of like-size and temperament together in common yards, so we require current proof of vaccinations (including negative fecal exams) and owner permission to play. This socialization helps to reduce the stress of the boarding situation, promotes good social habits, and helps keep them happy and relaxed.

Our days start at 6:30 a.m. and continue through 9:30 p.m., when we give our guests an evening treat and put them to bed for the night. In order to provide the best care and attention for your pet, we have specific drop-off and pick-up hours. Though our office may be closed, we're here taking care of the pets as usual. We adhere to these times, though we always try to accommodate "real" emergencies.