Dog Boarding Page 2

Our staff is dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and stress-free atmosphere for all our guests. Therefore, our routine is based upon specific socializing and exercise times separated by quiet times before and after meals. With owner permission, dogs of like-size and temperament play together.


  • We specialize in caring for aging and infirm animals. We provide as much attention and care necessary to make your pet's stay with us as comfortable and home-like as possible. This includes administering medications, special foods, individual exercise, etc. Our staff is trained to carefully observe all boarders for signs of health and/or psychological problems.
  • We have indoor-only kennels. Dogs have their own kennels with a full view of their neighbors. Kennels, food and water dishes, floors, and common areas are sanitized daily.
  • Dogs are exercised and go "potty" in the exercise yards, rather than messing in their kennels. 
  • The majority of our kennels are 4 ft. x 3 ft. x 4 ft. that can be expanded to accommodate giant breeds or multiple dogs from the same household.
  • We provide dishes and bedding, but suggest you bring an old shirt, towel, or toy that smells of home to provide some comfort while you are away. We do not, however, recommend bringing stuffed beds or anything valuable because of the possibility of destruction.
  • We feed Wellness and Royal Canin brand foods, but recommend that clients bring enough of their own food (if different from ours) for half of their pet's stay to prevent gastric problems associated with an abrupt food change.
  • For first-time boarding clients, a day of Doggie Daycare is suggested to acclimate your pet to our environment and so that we may do an evaluation to see how your dog interacts and socializes with others.