Reservations are required for boarding and daycare.


Please Note: Rates are for any part of a calendar day (i.e., Friday evening to Saturday morning is considered two days of boarding). Therefore, the minimum boarding charge is for 2 days.

Pets with special needs (those requiring veterinary assistance, special baths, etc.), pets requiring special handling, and/or those who become destructive, will be charged accordingly.

Boarding - PLEASE NOTE: Stays of 10 days or more will receive a $1.50 per day discount on boarding ($28.00/day).

Single Dog (females and altered males)$29.50
Puppy under 6 months$30.00
Unaltered Males$30.00
Females in Season$35.00
Two Dogs
Single Cat$20.00
Two Cats$38.00

Cancellations for Holidays - $29.50 per dog: Cancellations with less than 48 hr notice - $29.50 per dog
Out-of-hours pick up or drop off with appointment - $10.00: without appointment $20.00

Park Runs

For Daycare Dogs$6.00
Boarding Dogs$8.00


Single Dog$18.00
Single Dog (2 or more days a week)$16.00
Single Cat$13.00
Single Cat (2 or more days a week)$12.00

Medication Administration

Medication$1.50 per day
Insulin$2.50 per injection

Bath & Nail Trimming

Regular Shampoo Bath

Miniature/Toy Dog$20.00
Small Dog$25.00
Medium Dog$35.00
Large Dog$45.00
Giant Dog$55.00

Oatmeal Shampoo Bath

(For itchy skin)
add $5.00

Flea and Tick Bath

add $10.00

Nail Trimming
(For willing dogs only)

All Sizes$10.00

Removal of Matted Fur

$60.00 per hour

Other Services

Massage, Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Therapy

Please call for more information and reservations.

Pet Shuttle

Pick-up and delivery service for your pet.
Limited service area. Please call for details.

Food Delivery

Delivery service of the foods we vend.
Please call for details.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover cards, local checks and cash are gladly accepted.