Baths: Though we do not provide a traditional grooming service, we do provide bathing services for canines of all sizes. You can request a "regular" shampoo bath, oatmeal bath for itchy and flaky skin, or a flea and tick bath for your pet. 

Nail Trimming: At your request, we will trim your dog's nails so long as they are willing to have it performed. Because we want all our furry patrons to enjoy themselves at our facility, we do not attempt to trim the nails of unwilling pets. 

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Dog Park Runs: For a nominal fee, your dog can have a supervised romp in our off-leash dog park. With winding, groomed trails and a pond for swimming, our dog park is a perfect place to burn off that extra energy. 

Pet Shuttle Service: We now offer a limited shuttle service for dogs and cats who may need a chauffeured ride to our facility, a veterinarian appointment, or even a grooming appointment. 

Food Delivery: We now offer a limited delivery service for the foods and products we vend.